Legal and Safety Implications of Ordering Online Viagra without Prescription.

Online Viagra without PrescriptionThe internet is responsible for about 60% of all the Viagra distribution done annually. With just a simple process which involves choosing the needed Viagra products, adding to cart and sending payment online, users can get their Viagra orders delivered fast and efficiently. With the many stores offering online Viagra today, it has become a concern to many users if they actually can get online Viagra without a prescription.

Viagra was originally developed as a prescription drug

Majority of Viagra users may not know that Viagra was not originally developed for treating and dealing with erectile dysfunctions. Initially the medication was being developed to treat a heart condition, Angina. Any such medication must be taken with a prescription, and so is Viagra. When it was realized that the side effects of Viagra (sildenafil citrate) included causing erection in men, development was immediately directed towards solely developing the medication as a remedy for treating ED in men. For this reason, it would be largely not safe to take Viagra without a prescription.

How then can I get a prescription for Viagra?

Viagra without a prescriptionIn almost all legitimate sites offering online Viagra, they most of the times partner with medical health clinics. When you order Viagra from the sites without a prescription, they do not shun you away or report to the authorities as much propaganda suggest. What such legitimate stores do is connect you to a health advisor. The advisor will then take you through a simple but effective interview. From there, he will come up with a prescription, which the patient will use to get the right Viagra products for their ED issues. You do not have to worry about physically going to the clinics, all this will be done online.

It is not entirely safe to get prescription less online Viagra

The safety being talked about here is in terms of legal implications, health issues and financial issues. For one, not all nations and states allow for Viagra without a prescription to be freely circulated inside the borders. You will be putting yourself in the risk of being jailed or fined if found with such drugs. In terms of health, prescription less Viagra has many implications. You can easily get sold fake Viagra drugs, which will not work at all. You can also get take the completely wrong dosage of Viagra, or take it along with incompatible medications like nitrates. This would have most severe even lethal consequences.

Why are there too many stores offering prescription les Viagra?

It is to be expected that people and ED patients will prefer to go for the easy and fast process of getting Viagra. This is what fake Viagra target. They will put advertisements and all information about how fast you can get Viagra even without a prescription. But what you should ask yourself; is it fast Viagra you want or effective Viagra, which will not be harmful to your health? Once diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, you will need Viagra for a good part of your life. It is very advisable, to go for a prescription, which by the way is one time, then be sending the prescription for refill when need arises. The reason why there are too many online stores offering Viagra without a prescription is that there is a similar number of Viagra users willing to risk their health and money with prescription less Viagra.

What does FDA recommend?

Viagra online with prescriptionFDA solely and absolutely recommends for Viagra with prescription. The body is always running crackdowns on online stress offering fake Viagra, especially without a prescription. You can also find information about the legitimized online stores, where you can get Viagra online with prescription. You can also get the guidelines on how to get the particular prescription which suits you the most.

Can I get Viagra without prescription if I have been using Viagra for long?

There patients who have been using Viagra for long enough or had a prescription but lost it. For such patients, Viagra without a prescription can be an option to go for. But there are several things they will need to consider before going for the option.

Find all information you can

Remember what we said about getting not looking for fast but effective Viagra, the same case applies here. Gather as much information as you can about the store offering Viagra without the subscription. Make your order only after you are absolutely convinced of the site’s credibility.

Ask for trial coupons

Viagra pills couponAsk for the online store to send you a free trial period coupon, which you will use to determine if the pills will actually work for you or not. Since you at least have knowledge of Viagra pills and how they should be taken, watch the results and see if the pills are worth going for.

Do not buy from spammed emails

It does not matter how experienced you are when it comes to using Viagra. Never at any one time follow up and buy Viagra or any other related supplements from emails you find i9n he spam folder of your email. There are about 90% chances that such Viagra will be illegal, prescription less and fake.

Is generic Viagra available without a prescription?

Users can hope to access and order online generic Viagra without a prescription. It should however be accompanied by intensive research, care and precautions. For standard Viagra pills users, the pills can only be ordered online with a prescription.

Facts to remember

  • Your health should come first, and at no time is it worth to compromise it.
  • You are mainly responsible for your own safety when ordering online Viagra.
  • Viagra without a prescription is not legal in the United States.
  • FDA doesn’t recommend for prescription less Viagra.
  • Most of the reported fraud cases in terms of fake Viagra are directly involved with Viagra without a prescription.