7 Common Myths about Erectile Dysfunctions That Should Not Be Believed.

Erectile dysfunctions occur due to a combination of several factors and issues. Due to the many cases reported daily, many myths and propagandas have been developed, all hoping to explain the origin, causes and eve effects of the condition. In this article, we will discuss all the things that you should not believe about erectile dysfunctions.

Erectile dysfunction is permanent

Even when you have been diagnosed with an ED, you still can perform sexually, have children and satisfy your partner accordingly. All you need to do is sought out for the many medication plans recommended for the condition.

It only affects men

The impacts of erectile dysfunctions are felt in both spouses. In fact, women get to suffer as much as their directly affected husbands. Women also suffer from lack of sex desire, which in itself is an erectile dysfunction.

Old men are the only ones affected by ED

It is a fact that erectile dysfunction is common in men above 60 years of age. But that does not mean that the issue does not occur in young men too. Without the necessary precautions like healthy eating and avoiding drugs, even young men risk getting erectile dysfunctions.

It is a natural part of aging

The more a man advances in age, the more they are in the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. That does not in any way mean that it is a must that they develop erectile dysfunctions. There arb men who attain their ripe ages, still with the vigor and vitality needed when having sex. All that is needed is healthy lifestyles and medical checkups.

There is no cure for erectile dysfunction

Drugs like Viagra have been approved as effective remedies for treating erectile dysfunctions. Moen with the conditions can now still perform in bed as much as their healthy men counterparts.

Pornography and masturbation causes ED

Erectile dysfunctions are caused by mental, physical and health issues. Watching pornography does not in any way contribute to getting erectile dysfunctions. It depends on how you train your mind to think and perform. If you must watch pornography to get an erection, it is your mind that has been set that way. Otherwise, that cannot be described as erectile dysfunction at all.

It is shameful to have erectile dysfunctions

This kind of stigmatization was witnessed in the years before Viagra. It was not normal for men to speak publicly or in advertisements about their erectile dysfunctions. It has changed for the better these days. It is even advised that patients with the condition get to speak it out as much as they can. In this way, they will get a lot of the much needed help.