Are Erectile Dysfunction Pills Effective; What Can I Do To Get Better Results?

ED pills are perhaps the most effective way of treating erectile dysfunctions. Currently there are three types of ED drugs which have been proved and cleared as safe and effective medications for erectile dysfunctions. Here we will compare and analyze them; Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.


Viagra is contains a chemical product, known as sildenafil. This chemical product is responsible for most of the effects and side effects of Viagra. The effects of Viagra start to be felt after about 30 minutes after ingestion. After just about an hour, it is possible to experience maximum results in terms of erection. In the body system, Viagra lasts for about four hours. This means that any moment during the 4 hours an erection can be acquired with the right enhancements and sexual advancements.

Viagra comes in doses of 25, 100, and 50 mg. for most patients, the 50 mg pills is most recommend of the three. This doesn’t however mean that it will work for each individual case. It is advisable to get and follow the instructions provided in a prescription.
Viagra is affected by fatty foods and alcohol. It can also lead to lethal and dangerous consequences when taken along drugs like nitrates.


The Cialis in the market today comes in either the instantaneous pill or long-term ones, which may even take a week for their effects to be felt. Cialis pills depend on the action of chemical ingredient known as tadalafil. The effects can be felt as soon as 30 minutes after ingestion. Cialis is the ED pills with the longest lasting effects. When taking, effects can be felt up to 36 hours later.

For starters, Cialis should be taken in doses of 2.5 mg pills. However, most prescriptions recommend the 10 and 5 mg pills for majority of Cialis users. Due to its long lasting effects, Cialis has been preferred by couples going for vacation and outings. For such cases, the 20 mg Cialis pill is most recommendable.

Cialis can be accompanied by small amounts of alcohol. It can also be taken without or with food. Only make sure to avoid too much intake of the alcohol and food, especially fatty foods.


Unlike Viagra and Cialis, Levitra can be expected to reach maximum effects after about an hour and more. After ingestion, its effects can be felt even after 5 hours.
Levitra is mostly available in doses of 10 and 5 mg. the 20 mg pills are for experienced Levitra users. For older men and those who are just starting on using the pills, their recommended dose is the 20mg pill.

Levitra should only be taken once per day, at only at need. Avoid high fat content meals and excess consumption of alcohol. The pills can be ingested with or without the accompanying meals.