Can I buy generic Viagra online?
Generic Viagra can be accessed online. In fact, online stores are the largest sources of generic Viagra. You will however be required to get as much information about the credibility of the online stores as much as you can. You should also get a prescription before buying online generic Viagra.

Can Viagra be used by anyone?
Viagra is only suited for men suffering from any form of erectile dysfunction. For patients dealing with other conditions and diseases, Viagra should only be used under the instructions of a professional medical practitioner. In any case that you have not been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, avoid Viagra at all costs. It will otherwise be abuse of the drug, which can have undesired side effects.

How does Viagra produce its effects?
Viagra relies on a chemical ingredient known as sildenafil citrate. This chemical compound acts through an inhibition technique. In that, it blocks the secretion and release of a certain hormone, which is responsible for termination of erections. It also improves the blood flow into the penile muscles blood vessels. This produces an encroachment and finally an erection.

How long do the effects of Viagra last?
Viagra takes effects after about an average of 45 minutes after it has been ingested. The effects can be felt in the next 4 – 5 hours. After having sex, the erection will probably go away for sometimes. It can however be gained again on need any time during the 4 hour period. Activities like foreplay also help lot in increasing the efficiency of Viagra.

After how long does Viagra take effects?
Just after half an hour after it has been ingested, the effects of Viagra can start to be felt. However, one should not hope for Viagra to work on its own. The best way to make sure that the effects get to maximum levels is by engaging in sexual activities and advancements. On the same note, ensure that you have assured prospects for sexual intercourse before taking Viagra.

Can Viagra possibly treat erectile dysfunction?
In itself, erectile dysfunction is not a disease. It therefore cannot be entirely cure without addressing the real cause. Viagra can however be used successfully to bring about erections in men with erectile dysfunctions. In most cases, going for health clinic checkups and appointments can help much in curing the erectile dysfunction once and for all.

What is the right way to take Viagra?
Viagra should be taken once per day. For starters, the 25 mg pills are the most recommended. The doses can be adjusted accordingly in response to the experienced results. In any case that you have a prescription, follow the guidelines provided. Viagra should not in any way be taken for pleasure. It is only meant for people suffering from erectile dysfunctions.